The client came to us to build a multivendor e-commerce website with very minimal requirements. We helped the client figure out his requirements and document them properly.

After that, we architected the application and designed the database, and once the UI and UX were approved, we started the development. We have used a script here to speed up our development.

We helped the client with the following things:

  • Requirements analysis, preparation of the technical design, and documentation with testing plans
  • Analyze issues and design solutions
  • Adding new modules to enrich functionality and services
  • Reviewing code and query for optimization
  • Configure and manage the server for deployment and live the site.

This multi-vendor e-commerce site will act as a bridge between farmers, sellers, and consumers.

Application: Sellers will onboard and sell their seeds, fertilizers, and farming tools to farmers and gardeners. Farmers and gardeners can also sell their harvested crops to consumers. - multivendor e-commerce site built with Laravel, Bootstrap, and MySQL

Technologies used: Laravel and Bootstrap frameworks, along with JS, jQuery, and MySQL.


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