We have done the following things in this application:

  • We’ve worked with an internal team and are contributing to every phase of this project.
  • We have been testing, fixing, and refactoring the code and query to make the application efficient and faster so that the company can demo it to customers.
  • We have normalized the database, designed a new optimized ERD that can cover the old and new requirements, and kept the doors open to design the new modules.
  • Prepared the technical documentation for the new modules and developed it with other developers in the team.
  • We have optimized the UI and UX so that users can feel good and that it is easy to use.
  • We have merged the code and deployed it to cloud servers.

Application: PCS Field Service is a (mobile) workforce application that helps field technicians and dispatchers manage work orders while in the field. Using Google Maps and GIS integration, the field service application allows work orders to be easily routed and assigned to technicians. There is also an admin portal to manage all users, roles, permissions, and other stuff, along with reports to measure the output and results so that the company can make decisions. We can’t share more because of the NDA.

SaaS Application Development by

Technologies used: Laravel, Vue.js, and Bootstrap frameworks, along with JS, jQuery, MySQL, the REST API, Google Maps, and AWS.

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